To be wanted, but not needed.
To be needed, but not wanted.
Which is better?

Is it better to know that you are what their heart desires and everything that they crave, they long for you and your touch, but no matter what you will never truly satisfy them. To know that there will always be something that you can not give them, that there are pieces of you that do not fit together no matter how hard you try to force them to connect. That in the end they can survive without you. They don’t need you to lean on, they can stand just fine on their own.

Or is it better to know that without you their world just wouldn’t make sense, they could not function the same. You are the air they breath, the ground they walk on, even though they’d much rather swim. You can give them everything but what they ask for. You can keep them safe and steady, but cannot make their heart take flight. They’re always longing for something more.

To be needed, but not wanted.
To be wanted, but not needed.
Which is worse?


"I want to forget you as easily as you forgot me.
But you knew I’d never break a promise, and you made me promise I would never leave."

"It’s been months since you left.
Months since you never came back.
Months that I’ve had to get over you.
Months that I never did.
Instead it’s 2 a.m and I’m lying awake in bed.
Scared to fall asleep because I know I’ll dream of you.
I always do.
I dream of our firsts, our lasts, and everything in between.
I dream of our conversations and our arguments.
Our make ups. Our break ups.
The moment you walked into my life and the moment you walked out.
I feel every emotion claw it’s through my body all over again.
The complete and utter joy and the complete and utter devastation are as strong as when I originally felt them.
Some nights I remember all the good times we had together and it’s like you never left.
But I wake up to an empty bed.
Some nights I’m reliving those moments where it all came crashing down.
I wake up feeling hollow.
You see, I hate falling asleep because I can’t tell my dreams from my nightmares anymore.
Not that it matters.
Either way, they’re always about you."


When you left me,
You left me broken.
You left me a mess.
You left me unable to stand on my own two feet because I was so used to having you to lean on.

You left me crying.
You left me hurting.
You left me wondering how things got so bad and wondering how I didn’t realize it.

You left me memories.
You left me photographs.
You left me souvenirs of all the time we spent together.

You left me quickly.

You left me unexpectedly.

You left me for her…

You left me wanting to regret everything about us, but knowing that if I had a chance to go back, I’d do it all over again, if it meant that for even a moment I could be yours again.


"Do you remember when it was me?
When it was me you texted everyday, just because you missed me, even if we saw each other ten minutes.
When it was me that you felt you could be yourself around, because you knew you would never be judged.
When it was me that put that smile on your face and made you feel invincible.
When it was me who gave you butterflies with just one glance.
When it was me that made you feel loved.
When it was me that you didn’t want to lose.
Do you remember when it was me that made you happy?
Because I remember.
I remember when it was you.
It still is."